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IBARAKI Japanese Culture School
IBARAKI Japanese Culture School
IBARAKI Japanese Culture School

【About Home Stay】

Q: What is home stay life?

A:   Home stay include 2 meals/weekday and 3 meals/weekends. You stay in a single room or a 

       twin room. There may has another international student.

Q:  When will I know my host family by?

A:  We will send your host family information 1 week before your departure.

Q:  How do I go to school?

A:  You come to school by public transportations every day.

【About the program and others】

Q:  I’m Japanese beginner. Can I join the program?

A:  Yes. We have Japanese lessons in the morning for teaching necessary Japanese in the afternoon       lessons and activities. Many stuffs speak English, Spanish and Thai also.

Q:  Is possible extending stay?

A:  Yes. You need to pay extending stay fee each day.

Q:  How much do I need my allowance?

A:  The basic fee is all include in the program fee. You need your allowance for snacks, juice and   

      shopping when you go activities. It depends on you. But basically 500 JPY- 1000 JPY/day are 


Q:  Do you have any foreign language supporter at school?

A:  Yes. We have many English and Spanish speakers. So, if you need any assistant, please feel free 

      to ask.

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